Saturday, September 25, 2010

I've Had Nothing Yet, So I Can't Take More

The unintended consequences of having one household member who abjectly refuses to watch TV news

Me: Tell me about the Tea Party? What exactly do they stand for? No taxation without representation?

Him: Sort of. .

Me: From the king?

Him: Not exactly. They think government has gotten too big.

Me: They don’t like fat people?

Him: Um. . no.

Me: So, how do they feel about iced tea? Are they ok with that?

Him: Yes, but only in the summer.

Me: How about t-shirts? Do they have an official party line on those?

Him: T-shirts are ok, although they prefer the red, white, or blue variety.

Me: How about Lake Titicaca?

Him: They do not object to Lake Titicaca, but they say there are perfectly fine lakes in America that we should consider first.

Me: T-bone steak?

Him: That’s a fine American cut.

Me: But mostly they really like drinking tea?

Him: Yup. That’s pretty much it (and then he just kind of made a resigned sighing noise)

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