Thursday, September 22, 2011

six worst things about the week after Talk Like a Pirate Day

  1. Getting to the mall by 3 am to get the best Blackbeard Friday bargains.
  2. Dealing with the embarassment of being the last on your block to take down your decorative lawn plank.
  3. Two words: parrot guano
  4. Seeing all the lonely, discarded peg legs left by the curb for bulk trash day.
  5. Busting out your fat pants to accomodate for post-pillaging bloat. 
  6. Spending hours on the computer googling +leftovers +recipes +booty


  1. ** big smile ** thank you for sharing with an aspiring pirate

  2. Those are all true....except the lawn plank! I leave mine out and incorporate it into my Great Pumpkin display for Holloween! A great read btw! :)

  3. 7. Trying to reattach original hand after having removed it to make hook installation more authentic.